HP Designjet 111 Printer Series - Replace printheads

HP Designjet 110/111 Printer'da Baskı Kafasının Değişmesi

Replace printheads


After a printhead is replaced, the printer will automatically realign the printheads.

  1. Open the front hinged flap at the right of the printer.

3.The print carriage will move to the left and then back to the right. Wait for it to stop.

4.Pull the printhead cover up and towards you, so that the hook at the front unlatches itself, and then push the whole cover back so that the printheads are exposed.

5.Lift the small handle at the top front and use it to pull the printhead vertically up and out of the printer.

6.Take the new printhead and remove the tape that protects its electrical

contacts and ink nozzles.

7.Lower the new printhead into place and close its small handle.

8.Push the printhead gently into place, so that it is quite secure.

9.Repeat the preceding four steps for each printhead that you wish to replace.

10..Pull the printhead cover towards you, ensuring that the hook at its front edge latches onto the tab, and then push it away from you to close the cover.


11.Close the rear part and then the front part of the outer flap.